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What Lease Do I Need for My Rental Home? Broomfield, CO Professional Advice

The lease is an important document for landlords and tenants because it dictates the responsibilities of each party and spells out the consequences when the terms of that agreement aren’t followed. Make sure you have a strong lease in place, because it’s your best defense against any disputes that could arise during a tenancy. Legal [...]

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What Does A Rental Property Manager Actually Do?

What Does A Rental Property Manager Actually Do? Essentially, a property manager is a person hired by real estate property owners to manage and take care of rental properties. Their obligations are varied based on their salary and the terms stipulated in their management agreement. But their duties usually include the following. Rent. Property managers [...]

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Making Property Management Uncomplicated

Making Property Management Uncomplicated and Effortless for Rental Property Owners Today, most property owners assign their management activities to their selection of a property management agency. Managing rental properties is a laborious task that includes property maintenance, tenant solutions, rent and security collecting and a lot more. Real estate and rental management companies manage single [...]

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